SiriusXT launch event at UCD

UCD Conway imaging core welcomes a new addition to the facility- Table Top Soft X-ray microscope

Conway Imaging Core at University College Dublin (UCD) has welcomed its latest addition – the Table Top Soft X-ray Microscope. The microscope is set to complement the existing cell imaging resources at UCD, offering scientists a valuable tool to advance their research.

Developed and manufactured by SiriusXT Ltd., the Table Top Soft X-ray Microscope represents a significant leap forward in imaging technology. Soft X-ray microscopy (SXM) is the only nanometre-resolution 3D imaging technique that is capable of imaging the whole internal structure of intact biological cells without chemical staining or slicing.

The official launch event took place on November 7th at UCD, with an engaging presentation session featuring distinguished guest speakers. The lineup included Professor Jeremy Simpson, Dean of Science and Principal at UCD College of Science; Professor Breandán Kennedy, Head of the Conway Institute; Dr Kenneth Fahy, Vice President of Product Management at SiriusXT; Dr Dimitri Scholz, Head of the Conway Imaging Centre; and Dr Nicola Fletcher, Lecturer at the School of Veterinary Medicine. The event provided valuable insights into microscope’s applications and concluded with lab tours of the Table Top Soft X-ray Microscope at the Conway Institute.

“The deployment of the SXT-100 at the UCD Conway Institute is an outstanding example of the University’s research and innovation-intensive focus and the emphasis we place on translating fundamental research outputs into innovative products, such as the SXT-100 microscope, which will lead to a greater understanding of health and disease, with the ultimate aim of informing novel drug discoveries.

This ‘first of its kind’ deployment presents UCD and other esteemed universities researchers with a unique opportunity to not only avail of the latest 3D cell imaging technology, but it also provides researchers with new opportunities to collaborate with their international peers,’’ said Professor Jeremy Simpson.

Tony McEnroe, CEO and co-founder, SiriusXT said, “Today’s formal commercial deployment of our SXT-100 at UCD is a first for the company and a major milestone on our entrepreneurial journey. It also represents a significant technological breakthrough for the use of soft X-ray microscopy on the global stage.’’

SiriusXT, an award-winning company headquartered in Dublin, was co-founded by Tony McEnroe, Dr Fergal O’Reilly, Dr Kenneth Fahy and Dr Paul Sheridan, as a spin-out from the UCD School of Physics.

The addition of the Table Top Soft X-ray Microscope to the Conway Imaging Core facility at UCD indicates a new era of possibilities in scientific research, promising to accelerate discoveries in health, disease, and the quest for innovative drug solutions. It stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between academia and pioneering companies, exemplifying the potential for
groundbreaking scientific advancements on a global scale.

For more information about Table-Top Soft X-ray microscope, visit our product page here