SiriusXT to attend and exhibit at two leading microscopy conferences in July 2023

SiriusXT, a pioneer in Laboratory Soft X-ray Microscopy, is proud to announce its plans to participate in two leading microscopy conferences in July 2023. These conferences will not only serve to showcase SiriusXT’s SXT-100 Soft X-ray Microscope but it will also provide a platform for knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration with industry experts.

1: Conference Name: The Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC2023)
Date: July 4 -6 2023
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Booth Number: 131
In addition to exhibiting at MMC2023, SiriusXT will also present two papers;
i) “Correlative Light, Electron and Soft X-ray Microscopy (CLEXM) in the Laboratory” Stream 6: July 5th, 11.40 am in the Multimodal Microscopy session
ii) “Laboratory-based cryo-Soft X-ray Tomography” Stream 5: July 6th, 10.45 am in the “Correlative & Multimodal X-ray Microscopy” session

SiriusXT will also be presenting and/or supporting poster presentations:
i) “Cryo-FIB-Lift-Out for Soft X-ray Tomography” Poster 1066: July 4th, 16.30 to 18.30
ii) “Advanced Cryogenic Focussed Ion Beam Sample Preparation: Beyond Electron Microscopy” Poster 2034: July 5th, 16.15 to 18.15
iii) “Correlative Light, Electron and Soft X-ray Microscopy in the Laboratory” Poster 2092: July 5th, 16.15 to 18.15

2: Conference Name: Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M)
Date: July 23-27, 2023
Location: Minneapolis, United States
Booth Number: 532

SiriusXT is honoured and proud to have been invited by Microscopy & Microanalysis to co-organize a full-day symposium (B-08) on “Biological Soft X-ray Tomography” – the biggest microscopy conference to be held in 2023.
The Biological Soft X-ray Tomography symposium will be a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge on the latest advances in soft X-ray tomography instrumentation and methods for imaging biological specimens. Fifteen speakers will present and demonstrate the diverse applications for Soft X-ray Tomography in the biosciences as well as the technical advances in specimen preparation, data processing and reconstruction, and imaging formation theory that made them possible. The target audience will include cell biologists, scientists and engineers interested in novel microscopies, including correlative cryo-light and structural cell imaging methods.

A full list of speakers and the titles of their presentations can be seen here

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